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Embrace Nature

Our 50-acre mountain range set in the Blue Mountains, which rises to about 6,000 feet above sea level, shows off Portland’s lush vegetation, including towering trees and more than 500 species of flowering plants—is the perfect backdrop to such on-site activities as hiking, snorkeling, and swimming.


Eat Well

The Anton is the ideal place to savor the distinctive flavors of the Caribbean, with a focus on seasonal and local ingredients. Our culinary team frequently changes the menu to incorporate these in-season items, including

the catch of the day. 


 Renew You

Whether you need to recover from a day of hiking or to simply unwind from the day’s adventures, The Anton offers pampering massages in the serenity of your suite. Using oils made from local herbs, your therapist

can tailor a massage to suit your tastes.

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Fitness / Yoga

Try one of our yoga or fitness sessions led by an in-house instructor in the open-air pavilion perched on the edge of a cliff, with views of the turquoise ocean and Trident Castle—a Portland landmark. Or get a workout in by playing a few sets of tennis or a pick-up game of basketball (coming soon).

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